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1.[100.00%] nitrostyrenes 2C-T-2/2C-T-7 exp. details, Hive Methods Discourse
zwackelmann (Stranger ) 12-25-03 08:49 No 478997 nitrostyrenes 2C-T-2/2C-T-7 exp. details (Rated as: excellent)
Numerous methods have been employed to prepare nitrostyrenes from the corresponding benzaldehydes. Yields range from low to excellent and sometimes the reaction seems to be capricious and give varying results both as to yield and quality of the product.
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 as an example: a search result of a knoevenagel condensation of halogenated benzaldehydes.

 information about the reduction prodedure with Zinc/HCl (or NaBH4-Zinc/HCl) as example, can also be found here, as well as on the web:
 chemoselective Zinc/HCl reduction of halogenated b-nitrostyrenes, Justin J. Maresh et Al, Synlett 25(20): 2891-2894 (2014),
 2-iodo-3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine persona, 20.10.2008: www.hyperlab.info, Post #514293
 an experimental evaluation of the Zinc Hydrochloric Acid reduction of nitrostyrenes persona, 23.11.2007: www.hyperlab.info, Post #514742
 russian patents works!!! Zn-HCl nitrostryrene rdxn, Hive Novel Discourse sunlight, 27.09.2001: chemistry.mdma.ch, Post #217679

 reduction of 4-Me-2,5-DMNS pyramid, 03.06.2011: www.thevespiary.org, reply #58 on: Effect on yield in henry condensation of differing amines
 best workup for NaBH4/Zn-HCl reduction of nitrostyrenes miamiechin, 15.03.2013: www.hyperlab.info, Post #564942

CAS 207740-24-7

CAS 207740-26-9