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1.[100.00%] piperonal from pepper
piperonal from pepper piperine from pepper 2002, by 3base isolation of piperine (black pepper, EtOH, KOH) isolation of piperine
from black pepper (black pepper, EtOH, KOH, soxhlet) isolation of piperine - 35.5kb

2.[100.00%] Piperonal -> MDP2NP -> MDP2P -> MDP2Pol , Hive Novel Discourse
You need piperic acid for cleavage to ... Bookmark You need piperic acid for cleavage to piperonal. Look at the structure
of piperine. When it gets refluxed in NaOH, the amide bond at the nitrogen in the - 15.3kb

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 Pepper and Vanillin as Starting Material

 Bisulfite Addition of Aldehydes and Ketones
 Knoevenagel Condensation
 Reductive amination with Pd/C Catalyst

Synthesis and impurity profiling of MDMA prepared from commonly available starting materials; Gallagher R1, Shimmon R, McDonagh AM.