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02-22-02 12:15
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What factors affect the consistancy of basified al sludge?  Swim is tying to achieve a very granular form. This was achieved a few times, don't remember how though, definatly not on purpose.  Could the temp during basification contribute to consistancy?  Perhaps cooling the mix to near 0.c prior to basification would percipitate an easily filterable Muck with a coarse texture that would crash out quickly and easily filter? Does the speed of the 30% NaOh Addition affect consistancy or perhaps a different concentration of NaOH would do the job more affectivly?  Any advise?
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02-22-02 12:30
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I regularly achieved easily filterable Al sludge by adding strong NaOH, but my reactions already contained water. Heating and stirring the whole mother with more EtOH containing a little water after the bulk of the solvent was decanted helped a great deal too. I was able to suck the post Al/Hg reaction solvents through a sintered glass funnel without clogging it, and the filtrate was absolutely free of Al hydroxides.

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02-22-02 23:03
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How strong is it safe to go with the NaOH so long as the addition is slow with heavy stirring.  Is it the H2o that the Alhydroxides are not very solubal in a basic solution.  At least you know what I am talking about.  does the temp not have any afffect or is it good to heat it up real hot then let cool slowly a recrystalization  of the Al if you will.