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1. [100.00%]High-yielding nitropropenes with n-butylamine., Hive Methods Discourse
06-29-04 04:48 No 516174 High-yielding nitropropenes with n-butylamine. (Rated as: excellent) The condensation of nitroethane with substituted aromatic aldehydes was observed to occur under mild conditions..
http://chemistry.mdma.ch/hiveboard/methods/000516174.html - 30.5kb

2. [100.00%]4-Fluoroamphetamine: A full report., Hive Methods Discourse
01-19-04 05:24 No 483260 4-Fluoroamphetamine: A full report.(Rated as: excellent) SWIM finally tried 4-fluoroamphetamine, and was very impressed with the stuff! Here's how it happened..
http://chemistry.mdma.ch/hiveboard/methods/000483260.html - 56.4kb

 for further information about possible reaction procedure, along with general information about the product, see below:

 Post 203228 (Rhodium: "Synthesis of 4-Fluoroamphetamine", Serious Discourse)

 Topic 16118 (fuckyou: "4-FA al/hg recipe", The Vespiary, Drug Synthesis & Extraction)
 Topic 15090 (testex: "P2NP to amine with NaBH4-Copper. One pot, no messing with metals or acids", The Vespiary, Drug Synthesis & Extraction)

 4-Fluoroamphetamine in the Netherlands_Text-mining and sentiment analysis of internet forums, Matthijs Blankers et al, The International journal on drug policy, 2018,
 4-Fluoroamphetamine in the Netherlands_more than a one-night stand, Felix Linsen et al, Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction, 2015



   167.22    CAS 459-02-9