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1. [100.00%] Piperonal and Safrole from Vanillin and Eugenol - [www.rhodium.ws]
http://chemistry.mdma.ch/hiveboard/rhodium/methylenation.html - 26.6kb
 as an example: a search result about vanillin demethylation

 further information:
 Demethylation of Vanillin and Eugenol CycloKnight, Sciencemadness Discussion Board, 18.09.2018
 Protocatechuic aldehyde preparation by Vanillin demethylation Let's Chemistry, YouTube, 28.03.2020 [mp4]
Protocatechualdehyde methylenation. Photo-essay. CycloKnight, Sciencemadness Discussion Board, 30.01.2014 [html]
4-Allylcatechol Methylenation CycloKnight, Sciencemadness Discussion Board, 13.02.2019

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